No body understand the IELTS exam better than Fateh. With our years of experience and research we have been able to design a programme that has been instrumental in over 1000 students scoring an IELTS band of 7.0 and above. Some of our key differentiating factors are

Finest Instructors:

We follow possibly the most rigorous selection and training procedures for our trainers which reflect in the results our students have achieved. But more than anything it is the personal touch that our students value the most about our trainers.

Updated Curriculum:

With so many of our students taking the exam every week, we are able to track the smallest of changes made in the exam. This has also allowed us to have an extensive and exclusive databank of questions appearing the exam allowing our students a strong extra edge.

Personal Assistance:

This is one of strongest points. As a policy we only recruit trainers on full time basis but allot them teaching slots of only half the day leaving the other half free for the students to approach them for personal assistance.

Library and Resource Centre:

Fateh has the most comprehensive onsite-library for IELTS training in India. Efforts have been made to procure all possible books on the subject. Many of our books are unavailable anywhere in India, and exclusively sourced by Fateh from abroad.

Research and Development Team:

Fateh has an R&D team that is always working towards improving the teaching methods and question solving techniques. Fateh is the only Indian institute that has an R&D team specialised for IELTS and that is customised for the Indian student.

Customised Batches:

We strongly believe that the developmental needs of each student is different and they can’t be captured in a single type of a batch and thus offer a choice of programme depending on the student requirements and current level – a Fateh exclusive.

Study Material:

Besides the extensive study material the students can borrow from our library, each student is given an original IELTS book with test papers and CDs to practice.


In training, we are only into IELTS, and thus specialists in our fields. All our efforts and energies are devoted to making the IELTS training better.

Professional Team:

Every member in “Team Fateh” is a professional and is well experienced in this sector. The team is managed by Mr. Suneet Singh Kochar who is an MBA from the much reputed IIM Calcutta.

Programme Structure
Study Material
Result Oriented
Personal Assistance
Receptive To Feedback
Research & Development Team
Dynamic Curriculum
Professionally Managed
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Intelligent Learning