Fateh puts in tremendous effort towards not only securing admission in the University of choice but also towards securing scholarships for our students. Our scholarship focus is what separates us from other consultants something which our past record validates. Our past students have gone on to win some of the most prestigious scholarships on offer.

Our commitment to assisting our students for scholarships can further be gauged from the fact that we have been able to negotiate EXCLUSIVE SCHOLARSHIPS for our students over and above the regular scholarships and not available to students applying directly or using other agencies. Some of these scholarships are

Most UK universities would normally earmark scholarships for International students and at times further assign some of them exclusively for Indian students. The value of the award could range from as little as GBP 500 to as much as GBP 10,000. There are a few scholarships that cover the full fee as well.

For some of these scholarships a separate application is not needed and all applications submitted for admission are automatically considered. However for most scholarships you would need to apply separately. Thus it is critically important for your counsellor to know the scholarship deadlines, requirements and procedures something we have seen not many in this industry possess. We pride ourselves on the knowledge depth our counsellors possess on this area and are very well placed to help you identify the correct scholarships to apply and how to maximise your chances.

We have listed a few such scholarships students could apply for under our University Scholarship section.

Besides the university scholarships the students can also apply for external scholarships. Some of the more popular scholarships include the British Chevening Scholarships, Scottish Saltire Scholarships and Commonwealth Scholarships.


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Jim Morrison Active
Fateh, the word that speaks for itself, here is used for an institute that helped me a lot in getting the requisite band score. First thing that I would like to talk about is the people in Fateh, from teachers to staff, are very polite and co-operative. I must appreciate the efforts of Jayati Ma'am, my teacher in Fateh, whose expressions used in the class room still flash into my mind when I think of her. Also, my classmates, later became my friends, played an important role in my achievements and they would stay in my life for long. In short, I just loved the time I spent there. I would like to thank everyone at whose help and support made me come out with flying colours.
Sushil Kumar Verma Proces