Fateh Team

Anjali Khurana
One of the Fateh’s most proficient senior counsellor who has a deep and immense knowledge of Irish and U.K Universities, a quality very few counsellors have in today’s time. A student’s choice can never go wrong if he has Anjali’s guidance and her years of expertise in counselling. Her students all over Ireland and U.K have only one thing to say about her, "We cannot thank her enough!"

Neha Khurana
She has a fair knowledge of International universities and courses that have helped many students to achieve the right spot in their career. She has always put all her efforts in the admissions process of all her students. She has always made sure her students gets the best opportunities. A student is always going to have her back throughout the admission process come what may.

Jayati Sarkar
An excellent IELTS trainer, associated with Fateh right from the first day of Fateh's commencement. Fateh is really proud of having her as she is a very well renowned expert in this industry. Her more than 10 years of experience makes her a perfectionist and praiseworthy Master from whom students can seek best IETLS exam tips and training. Her well-endowed training skills is something that students vouch for and the excellent results delivered by her students show her painstaking attitude towards her each and every student.

Her amiable nature and pleasing personality makes her an admirable IELTS trainer of Fateh. Her way of teaching not only depicts knowledge and commendable teaching skills but her nurturing and conditioning qualities towards her students makes her one of the "most liked" members of Fateh. Students have and will always look up to her.

Aarti Kataria
Aarti is the communicative link between Fateh and the universities. She is a go getter and the bridge between our students and the universities who can communicate with universities if needed or if our students have any concern. So while our students are busy in conquering their dreams and gearing up for their new journey Aarti is there to settle all your paper work swiftly and safely.

Gauri Rana
A soft spoken and affable counsellor of Fateh who tries her best to lead her students towards the right path in their career. Having a friendly nature and pleasing communication skills, Gauri is able to maintain a comfort level with her students during the counselling sessions. Gauri is a very hard working and focused counsellor that ensures that many more students are going to get on the road of success.

Kalpana Baniwal
Kalpana has managed to yield number of students with scholarships. Her way of guidance and interaction is very undeviating and clear. The students seem to have a very clear and explicit choices about the universities and courses after having a conversation with her. She knows what exactly a student wants to know and she provides her student with the relevant information.

Monika Manchanda
A calm and confident counsellor who is very patient as well while having a counselling session with her students. Her vast knowledge of universities and courses makes her students easily choose what is best for them. Her proper guidance and honest opinions lets every student know where they stand and where exactly they wish to be in the near future.

Ritu Bedi
Fateh’s IELTS Counsellor. She is going to be the first person whom you will have to meet if you are planning to take the IELTS classes. She will let you know everything about the IELTS exam that you need to know. A student can discuss with her where he/she stands as far as their language is concerned and she will provide you with the best advice about the IELTS programmes in Fateh.

Neha Bhatia
Neha is Fateh’s one of the most dynamic senior counsellor who will just lighten up the student’s vision and understanding, the minute he interacts with her. She has an ability to strike a candid and worthy discussions with her students about their goals, choices and preferences. She infuses all her knowledge and guidance into her students’ minds which instantly gives him a clear picture of what and how they should be going about their career and university choices.

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka’s confidence and wide vision lets a student feels he/she is now in safe hands. Her remarkable quality of judgement about the student’s aspirations and interests, most definitely lands the student at the right place in their career. In initial conversation only she will know what a student is really looking for and what are the options available for him.


Sarah is a senior counsellor in our Chennai office. With her experience and knowledge she has been handling our students quite skillfully. She is a real professional when it comes to counselling her students and she leaves no stone unturned while providing them with the best options and guidance.

Muralidharan J
A skilful and well versed senior counsellor who has been providing his insights and worthy advices, about the universities to our students. He is instilled with information that helps the students to sort out their options and start a new journey under his guidance.


Sangita C P
Sangita has proved herself as a very efficient and highly capable counsellor of Fateh in a very less time. She has been able to guide and counsel the students like an expert and hence has established herself as a counsellor, whom students want to have in their crucial decision making period.

Prashanth Palanivelu
One of our talented counsellor in our Bangalore office. Providing exposure to our students so that they can make the best career with his help. From listening to small queries to explaining every procedure and process in detail, Prashant is the best counsellor a student can have to push himself ahead in his/her career.